Sunday, May 20, 2007

Conference etc

Its about more than one week i' not updating my blog..


I'm busy with a conference , where i need to present my research findings or result, its an international conference on Internet and telecommunication. At first its quite nervous to present in quite international conference. They seems very experts in their respective fields. I must work hard to be like them!

Most of them are experts but very humble person and most importantly they are willing to share their knowledge. In Internet simulation area most of them are using NS2 for their simulation works. I'm on the right track!!

Sorry , for now i cannot reveal yet the content of my paper until it is published by the organizer.

Assembly Language vs TCL\TK

I use to do programming in Assembly Language for Motorola Microcontroller, and now I'm learning TCL\TK, two different type of language, the first one is very low level and the second one is a high level language.

Personally it is quite difficult to change the way of thinking when switching from low to high level language.

In assembly language the syntax is very simple, its arranged column by column, e.g first column is label follows by instructions column , and data/memory column. Simple! The data structure is also very simple, only a hexadecimal number. which can represent decimal number, ASCII code, floating point number etc depends on standards and application to be developed.

But using high level language need you to familiarize with the syntax, and the syntax for C language of course not the same with TCL\TK , Perl , Python etc.
The data structure also defers, as example the data structure for TCL\TK is based on string not integer or floating point. For C , data can be integer, Boolean , long integer ..... [ refer to any C programming book]

Data structure of TCL\TK

After a few study and reading , and searching Internet,
I come to conclusion that in TCL\TK, there are only two type of abstract data structure : List and Array

If I want to make complex data structure for my application i need to design it ( or just use any package designed by others) based on List and Array.

For my case, i try to use a data structure which is based on combination of arrays and lists [specifically, linked-list]


A few of my colleague are very enthusiastic to learn NS2 which can be used for network simulation purpose. Very good news for me! Now I have more people to discussed with.

Programming = Chess= Gaming??

One day , my friends and me have a "coffee chit-chat" about playing chess, and the conversation continues with programming and gaming.
We come into a conclusion :

Programming = Chess = Gaming. This three subject have one common similarities, "you have to play within the rules in order to achieve your objective!"

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kenapa saya mem'blog'?

Ada segelintir kawan2 tanya.. kenapa saya buat blog? pasal programing pulak tu..
nak tunjuk pandai ke?

Antara sebab2 nak tulis blog ni saya senaraikan seperti berikut:

1. Saya cepat lupa apa yang saya belajar, saya tulis konse2 yang saya belajar dalam bentuk yang kurang supaya bolehlah saya rujuk kembali.
2. menulis dalam Microsoft Word atau text editor yang lain sangat membosankan
3. Saya tak pandai .. dan juga tak pandai bertanya - Setiap kali saya bertanya soalan biasanya orang akan rasa soalan tu complex dan meyusahkan diorang untuk menjawab soalan. So instead of going around asking for people's opinion , saya tulis pengalaman dan apa yang saya faham disini , kalau sesiapa nak baiki silap dan salah , terima kasih banyak2 saya dahulukan.
4. Ada yang ingin belajar - saya percaya ramai jugak yang tak pandai buat programming tapi berminat nak belajar dan ada pengalaman macam saya jugak . Bolehlah kita yang sama2 tak pandai berkongsi ilmu!

Okeh ituh jer yang nak ditulis, kalau nak bagi reason lagi .. banyak lagi boleh letak... tapi maleh ahh...

nak tunjuk pandai? yer ! Berdasarkan sebab2 diatas tadi memang saya nak tunjuk pandai!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Belajar data Structure

Today and yesterday.. spent some of my time .. understanding data structure by reading from the wiki..

somehow i get lost somewhere to understand the data structure,
there are so many type of data structure e.g list, array,tree , list of array, hash table etc.
however after nearly an hour reading the article i get bored, and still doesn't get the idea .. i

however today.. just now after dinner with my friend (who works in a software company).

I ask a few questions about data structure.
What are data structure?
what data structure is good for certain application (like P-Spice , Maxplus ) ?
and the most important question is : why do it so hard to understand text books and Internet article?

My friends said: data structure is a basic knowledge in computer programming, however when learn programming , usually we cannot get the concept of the topic but more focused on syntax and usually we lost there.. without getting to grab the main idea. And usually while reading books we are more focused on the implementation (coding) .

Then after a few discussion , this is the idea of main structure that has been required:

the main idea of data structure is to hold data,

the type of data structure selected determine by : application to be developed, the programming language itself , and the performance required.

what we need to know to study data structure?

1. How to store data ?
2. How to retrieve data ?
3. How to delete data?
4. How to replace data?
5. How to sort data?
6. How to relate data?

That's all , now everything become clearer and clearer. Good or not the type of data structure selected is depends on the application to be developed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First entry..

This is my first entry for this blog.. , i used to have a blog before.. but i'm too lazy to update or sharing personal life with other people. However i decided to write some of my experiences learning programming here in this blog.

Programming wise, I'm not an expert, not in computer science or software engineering background.

I'm already familiar with:
  1. Assembly Language (68HC11 motorola,68000 motorola assembly language)
  2. PIC C language for PIC microcontroller : A costumized C - based language for PIC
  3. Network Simulator 2[NS2] : Scripting Language for network simulation.

I used to learn :
  1. C++, Visual C++
  2. Visual Basic
  3. Intel 8086 Assembly Language
Now I'm learning :
  1. Awk - A tool used in linux for text processing purposes
  2. TCL/TK language - a free open source scripting language
I also going to learn this knowledges:
  1. Data structure
  2. Geometry Programming ( Graph)
  3. A little bit in software architecture

Hm.. i guess thats all as a starter