Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First entry..

This is my first entry for this blog.. , i used to have a blog before.. but i'm too lazy to update or sharing personal life with other people. However i decided to write some of my experiences learning programming here in this blog.

Programming wise, I'm not an expert, not in computer science or software engineering background.

I'm already familiar with:
  1. Assembly Language (68HC11 motorola,68000 motorola assembly language)
  2. PIC C language for PIC microcontroller : A costumized C - based language for PIC
  3. Network Simulator 2[NS2] : Scripting Language for network simulation.

I used to learn :
  1. C++, Visual C++
  2. Visual Basic
  3. Intel 8086 Assembly Language
Now I'm learning :
  1. Awk - A tool used in linux for text processing purposes
  2. TCL/TK language - a free open source scripting language
I also going to learn this knowledges:
  1. Data structure
  2. Geometry Programming ( Graph)
  3. A little bit in software architecture

Hm.. i guess thats all as a starter

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