Monday, December 1, 2008

No Blog Post = Busy

Other part of me asking,

"when you re going to update your blog?"

my other self answered,

"I have no mood to write, I am busy with something else"

Another question,

"Why don't you put a poll?"


"I have nothing to ask, let me finish my other works"


"you will always be busy"

The answer,

"Most likely , yes, but there will be time where I wont be busy. "

Another questions come.

"A not updated blog? Why must you write it at first place?"

A long answer.

"I don't need a reason for that. I can write when I want to write. If it is beneficial for me and others, why not? If it does not give any help to others, at least I'm helping myself"

Another bad thought

"Beneficial?? What benefit?? The content is not that superb. Did it ever help anyone?"


"Believe me, at least we get the benefit, don't you agree - take an example, the feeling when we are writing the entries! A good feeling, Right?"


It is definite! Having a blog is good! Writing in a blog is good! Sharing Knowledge is good! Not updating Blog is not very good! The feeling when writing the entries?
A lot of "good" compared to "not very good". To my bad inner self :


p/s: dear visitors. This blogger is busy with a lot of things so the blog will be updated in a random , without specific time line. Depends a lot on blogger's mood. Sometimes it will be frequently updated, sometimes it will be left not updated for a long time.


ikeenochi said...

Sir, busy ape tu? said...

ada la.. bz gile ah..

Mohd.Taufiq said...

Syikin jangan kalau Zul, dia sibuk nak kawin, hehe...(bestnya kan zul?)

sumayy said...

hohoho~..cute entry;)

well, enjoy counting e days....hehe;p said...

cute?? hehe thanks..
sumay? u do want to count e day oso aaaa? don't u?