Friday, March 27, 2009

Building Data Structure : An experience

I'm not from IT/Computer Science background but from Electrical background,(to be precise Mechatronic) , my knowledge on high level programming language is not very strong. Especially on data structure.

I work on a project which requires complex data structure (err maybe its complex for me, but not for others) . This project is developed using TCL\TK. In my place, there are very few people using TCL\TK. Some of my friend know TCL only just because they use NS2. I am alone.

Other than referring to TCL mailing list, web, tutorial and TCL books, the best way for me during that time is to use try and error methods, it works well for Microcontroller Programming, it should work here.Try and Error have a very big disadvantages - time consuming.

Programming Books sometime missed to tell the basic of the basic, that is the problem for me as a newbie. Maybe I used the wrong book? I got first "easy-to-understand" statement about data structure after asking my friend, Pian (not a tcl-ers) which I write in my post "belajar data structure".


denaihati said...

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Dr Sumayy said...

I really enjoyed this particular entry. Very inspiring & motivating! Mind if i quoted & linked it in my blog? ;)

zuls said...

@Dr Summayy..

Sure you can.. ^_^