Sunday, August 31, 2008

So Much Thing to Write

It is about two (or more ) months I didn't wrote in this blog..

There are many interesting event occurred , there are few comments in my blog still left not responded. Never expected to be like this when i first started to blog.

In blogging, sometimes I'm too concerned on layout-ing the blog until I forgot to write. The time just pass by like that.

To name a few things that at first I plan to write during last two months, but it unfortunately left in my sketch books or maybe in my head!

  1. Dr Bob Bishop Lecture : May 2008 in Uniten [link]
  2. Extracting information from trace file
  3. NCTT-MCP which successfully concluded last week [link]
  4. Introducing Taufiq's blog [link]
  5. The disadvantages of being a skeptics, and my logical approach/thinking/action in order to overcome some of the skepticism inside me.
  6. Robogamez 2008 which will be held in September 2008 @ Uniten [link]
  7. "Fizz Buzz" puzzle and how to write a program
  8. RS485 and RS232 serial communication
  9. Some cool blogger tools/gadget
Hahaha.. ! there are so much I planned to write but at last..... sigh..

BTW, taufiq.. your blog is is now in my blog roll..


Mohd.Taufiq said...

Dear Zul,
Thank you for introducing my blog on your blog, hopefully by join these blog thing we can gain our knowledge sharing, just want tell you has inspired me to success... said...


orait taufiq.. good luck!!