Friday, September 12, 2008

Robogamez 2008 - Missed the Open Category

Last Saturday, I missed to watch Robogamez 2008, just managed to see UNITEN category on Friday .. My friend told me that it was quite happening gamez.. quite a shock when UTM doesnt get even third place.. UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) team was quite strong in last previous years ! UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia) emerged as the winner!!

Ohh. Sorry for not mentioning.. The ROBOGAMEZ is actually an annual event organized by UNITEN Mobile Robot Club . The tournament usually divided into three category , Open Category which are open to Universities and Higher Learning Institution in Malaysia, the School category, and the UNITEN category exclusively for UNITEN student.

The theme for this year is " Challenge of Unsolved Path " - Maze Solver Robot. (Last year - Line follower robot) . I dont intend to explain more about the event. Please visit for further information. The also include Support and Workshop , have a visit, you will find out that building a mobile robot is quite easy!

Congratulations to the Mobile Robot Club UNITEN and the "never-tired" staff to make the event successful.

I heard that for ROBOGAMEZ 2009 , the theme will be "Fighting Robot" - Is it boxing? Sumo? Hopefully I won't miss the event again!

I have a picture showing the maze , and a robot designed by UNITEN student, it is in my NOKIA phone.. I'll upload later!

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