Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Talk by Sir Robin Saxby of ARM

Tun Mahathir Lecture Series

Attended Tun Mahathir Lecture Series at UNITEN, talk by Sir Robin Saxby on his success story of bringing his company to global level & beyond. His company is the one that promotes and design the ARM architecture - A microprocessor architecture used in PDA, hand phone etc.

Some key notes (that i can remember - not in the right order)
1. Sir Robin Saxby start as a Design Engineer.
2. The company is founded by 12 technically skillful engineers where the engineers later equipped with the soft skills to market the product.
3. Sir Robin Saxby uses SWOT analysis for planning
4. Academic, Business and Politics are very different in nature.
5. In business, pulling the customers are more important than pushing the technologies!
6. Family is very important.
7. Good engineers knows both software and hardware architecture well.
8. Think the impossible but get back to the reality
9. Sir Robin understands his fields very well , and aware of the technology growth.
10. Turn enemy into friends , and be neutral. (It's hard!!)

The talks are very motivating, thanks to the organizer (UNITEN n TNB ).

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