Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog Update

There are recently two main Update for this blog

1. The Recent Comment section
2. Added Link to NS2 Manual in Favourite section

BTW, since I'm using firefox, I'm sorry if the display is not very good for other browser.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ITEX 08 Pictures

I'm posting some of the picture now, supposed to be last week , but the size of the picture file are too big make me tired waiting for the upload process. Now , the file size are smaller (Thanks to Microsoft Power Point), so the followings are some pictures of ITEX 08:

KLCC - Kuala Lumpur City Centre (Right)
KLCC - Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (Left)
Picture are taken from the same point.


The allignemnet of the pictures is not very good, I can post only these or it will be very messy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Last weekend, a team under our Network Technologies Research Group participated in ITEX 08 at KLCC. Not the twin tower but Kuala Lumpur Convention Center which also located very close to the KLCC Twin Tower. UNITEN sent 12 team (including us). ITEX is organized by MINDS.

In this exhibition, various product and findings of the Malaysian Higher Learning Institutions, Research Institute, Individual Researchers/Innovators and Industry sections had been showed off to public. This is one of the platform to create a link between industry and researchers.
This years Taiwan and Iran also participated in this event. In conjunction with ITEX, Malaysia Young Inventors Challenge (MYIC) also held at the same hall.


The inventions are evaluated by judges and were awarded either Gold, Silver, Bronze or No medal at all. There are also special awards given (which I don't remember).
UNITEN teams score 100% where all team get the medal , and one of the team awarded special award on ICT. UNITEN awarded 5 Golds, 5 Silvers and 6 Bronzes this year. AS for my team we got Silver Medal.

Not connected to Internet

My U mobile modem failed to detect any signal in the exhibition hall, and able to received a little signal outside the hall. At first I planned to blog there, but the signal are not strong enough.
However good news is the U mobile now covers other cities in Malaysia (it is not updated yet in their web). Hopefully they consider to also cover the remote areas.

Old friends

In this kind of exhibition, one of the best things is when I met with my old friends. This time I met four of my friends during my undergraduate studies at UTM (1998 - 2002).

Fadil (UTHM) won a Gold Medal
Herman (UTeM) also get a Gold
Zacko (UTeM) awarded a Bronze Medal

There are a lot of things to chit-chat about but unfortunately there are too little time.

I will upload some pictures

My digital camera is not with me right now, I'm going to upload some pictures during the exhibition. However the inventions will not be uploaded since some of the inventions are still in the patent search or copyright. I have to respect the innovators hard work and ideas.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mannasim or Just NS2?

One of the group member shows two paper on WSN simulation using just NS2 (without mannasim). I told him that I also found a paper on WSN simulation using NS2 and Mannasim .

So come a question in mind.. to use Mannasim or just NS2?
What is the main criteria to determine which one to choose..
If our work can be done without mannasim why border using it?

We are actually going to play around with the routing algorithm, so do we need mannasim?

After 30 minutes discussion, currently our decision is to extend NS2 for the routing part. Work focus on routing algorithm, extending NS2 a little bit on the routing protocol is enough. While at the same time trying to do the same thing for Mannasim (or we can do it later).

The difference between this two option (from my understanding) , Mannasim have more module such as CN, CH , temperature , battery etc. For routing we feel that NS2 is enough.

Waiting for project meeting with another group members to discuss on this.

In this team , my main function is more on simulator studies , suggesting which simulator to use, the syntax , simulation script structure , how to use the simulator. I'm not the one who do all the simulation (I am busy with something else, of course ^_^).

So I'm really sorry for anyone who sent me emails asking for source codes , please find it from mannasim website, my friend said the two examples given works well. Try to have a look at the script, it is quite structured and procedural , refer to a tcl book on calling and creating procedures then the program flow will become very clear.

NS2 is originally for wired network, then it is extended to wireless , Mannasim is extended from wireless. Setting up WSN nodes is quite same as setting up a wireless node but of course it is extended, more object needed.