Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Thought : Programming

Hey you!! do this and do that!

I don't know whether it is correct or not , I'm not a programming expert.

As far as I made to understand, doing programming is all about giving instruction to the target machine to do "this" and "that". The machine will always obey the instruction provided that the command can be understood by the machine?

Machine only understand binary !

The problem is how we are gonna give instruction, "binary" is not our language. Furthermore "Binary language" is differs depends on each machine architecture, the instruction for Motorola and the instruction for Intel , of course will be different.

Tadaaa... Programming Language is here!! Please, use it!! Instruct the machine. Fear not, your instruction will be converted to their "binary language". Just make sure that you know the language well - the format, the instruction and the "grammar".

Please choose a few type of language from lower level language to higher level language, once again worry not , there are assembler, compiler, and interpreter to convert the language into the "binary language".

Ok, there are programming language. The machine will always obeys ( if there are no errors in the language )

It is about the programmer!

The machine will always obey! If the application work, it is me who give instructions to the machine. If my application crash it is my fault and I'm responsible to rephrase it. Simple!

If I'm good the machine will show me the good result! If I'm not good enough, the result will not be good!

I should spent time programming (re-programming?) myself, I wish I can obey my command. 90% is more than enough! Shouldn't I?


Mohd.Taufiq said...

I think it is not big issue when talk about re-programming our brain, we just need to know our capabilities and the limit boundary that we can achieve, then pushing the limit until we satisfy, I think this what we need to identify....

ikeenochi said...

Sir zul gambatte ne!!~ hehe.. Nice post. Cepat grad sir. Jadi inspiration kitorg k. said...

hahah. thank u taufiq n ikeen.. I will!