Sunday, August 31, 2008

So Much Thing to Write

It is about two (or more ) months I didn't wrote in this blog..

There are many interesting event occurred , there are few comments in my blog still left not responded. Never expected to be like this when i first started to blog.

In blogging, sometimes I'm too concerned on layout-ing the blog until I forgot to write. The time just pass by like that.

To name a few things that at first I plan to write during last two months, but it unfortunately left in my sketch books or maybe in my head!

  1. Dr Bob Bishop Lecture : May 2008 in Uniten [link]
  2. Extracting information from trace file
  3. NCTT-MCP which successfully concluded last week [link]
  4. Introducing Taufiq's blog [link]
  5. The disadvantages of being a skeptics, and my logical approach/thinking/action in order to overcome some of the skepticism inside me.
  6. Robogamez 2008 which will be held in September 2008 @ Uniten [link]
  7. "Fizz Buzz" puzzle and how to write a program
  8. RS485 and RS232 serial communication
  9. Some cool blogger tools/gadget
Hahaha.. ! there are so much I planned to write but at last..... sigh..

BTW, taufiq.. your blog is is now in my blog roll..