Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A slow restart

Starting yesterday I start doing serious programming again! But what a very slow restart. Most of my time was spent on looking at my previous coding. And trying to re-understand it!

Its have some bug which I'm trying to solving. Trouble-shooting works take a lot of time. I got a feeling that I can solve it. Let see In this 2, 3 days, can I do it or not!

If given a buggy program which one is your choice?
1. Trouble shoot the program.
2. Get brief idea of what the program intend to do, and write own program.

Make your choice and tell me why.

BTW, TQ sifu taufiq for helping me last night.


Mohd.Taufiq said...

what sifu, I just helping you to configure printer on your laptop... haha said...

haha taufiq is just to humble. tonight, help me again aaa?