Thursday, March 12, 2009

Converting algorithm into coding [Random Thought]

One of the challenge in programming, is to translate an algorithm into a coding. from my observation algorithm can be divided into three categories:

  1. Logical
  2. Mathematical
  3. Combination of mathematical and logical.

    In most cases I believe that most algorithm fall in 3rd category. So what is this mean?
    It is simple.. since the algorithm consists of mathematical and logical, the most basic things for coding (in any language) is to be able to do mathematical equation and logical expression.

    to make it simple, if a=b+c equation cannot be implemented, then there is no point to rush to solve more complex equation. The same goes to the logical expression.

    Sometimes solving mathematical expression can be very hard, sometimes, it requires reading a lot of data and manipulating a lot of data. Some algorithm consists of series of mathematical equation which depends on logical expression and vice-versa . It can be very complex. Image processing, vector model, probability theory.. (just to name a few).

    I read this e book Ikan Kecil Untuk Ikan Besar. It is for business actually. But the concept is applied here. In order to solve complex problem, solve the simple one first. Sorry. the book is in Malay

    Just my 2 cent.


    ikeenochi said...

    Yup, yup settlekan yang senang dulu. Now i nak convert my algo to microcode, sigh.. Anyways, ikan kecil untuk ikan besar? Rajinnya sir baca ebook.

    Mohd.Taufiq said...

    Salam, from my opinion that if we want to convert mathematical model into programming is by using flow char, I think that is the easy way ...

    redsea501 said...

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    zul's said...

    @ikeenochi : yerps, betul tu. Asyik tengok benda teknikal penat gak! Sekali sekala baca bku cerita,buku tu free jer pun.
    @Mohd Taufiq: Thanks for the tip
    @Redsea501: thanks for the link