Monday, February 18, 2008

Windows crashed, XandrOS come to help

Windows Crashed
It happened to me yesterday. When suddenly the Windows Vista crashed, all the data for research and works stored in the HP laptop are at stake. At startup the blue screen appeared showing something realted to hardware/software change. I dunno what happened , maybe because of virus ?

Until now I cannot login to may windows. All options has been tested, Safe Mode , Safe Mode with networking and also Last good Configuration (for system restore) but stills the blue screen appeared and its automatically restarted.
Last night me and my housemate tried to install xandrOS 2.0 since Linux OS can read the content of Windows partition. For information:

for FAT32: Linux can read or write into the partition
for NTFS : Linux can only reads from the partition

Installing XandrOS 2.0

First try : Express Install Option
Express Installation give an error where it says : " cannot resize windows partition ..... etc etc " . We suspect that the error due to C: Drive cannot be resized.. maybe because of it is protected by Vista?

Second Try : Custom Installation, resizing d: partition
2nd try was successfull , however we observed that , the resizing of D take a lot of time. The main reason most likely because the file in D: is not fragmented.

We start around 10.00 pm and installation completed around 12.15 am.

Current Progress
There are so much data to be backup.. while writing this entry.. the my HP laptop is working to write all the important files from D and C into CD. Maybe 4 or 5 CDs will be needed to store all the data.

To do Next
Format my HP for Windows Installation. I am not very familiar with Windows Installation, I'll ask my housemate!

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