Friday, December 7, 2007

NS2 installation

Today i want to write a little bit on NS2 installation .. not on how to install but focus more on problems occurred during installation. On installation guide please refer to NS2 website (the link are given in my favourite link). Take note that I'm using Linux Xandros 2.0 for the NS2. Given are the 3 common problem (Red) and possible solutions (Green):

Make fail because of no gcc compiler detected
Install the older version of gcc compiler ( Not sure with version of gcc? install all the version ! )

Error due tk not detected
Normally the TCL\TK will be installed using the allinone ns2 installation package, however in Xandros the installation of TCL\TK need to be done separately before the installation of NS2. Install the TCL\TK through Xandros Network then proceed with the installation of NS2.

The installation is successful but error: "ns command not found " occurred when invoking the ns interpreter.
Edit the .bash profile so that ns can be access from any folder. The .bash_profile is hidden in home directory. Restart the computer after the file has been edited and try to run ns again.

From experience the second problem will not be encountered if the NS allinone package are installed in Red Hat platform.

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