Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2/3 of the 3M

These few hard weeks of thesis write up make me remember of those 3M thingy. The 3M stands for "Membaca, Menulis Mengira" -- " Reading, Writing and Calculating" is one of the concept implemented during my primary school. This concepts stressed on student's ability in Reading, Writing and Calculating. Yeah.. it seems now that I'm not very successful in the second M (Menulis - writing) especially on technical write up. My mind is just messed up and I'm start losing focus about 15 minutes after start writing.

My personality test also shown strong tendency to do research, calculation , programming , teaching but not anything related to writing and typing and clerical work.

However luckily I like diagram so much ... Mind-mapping, block diagram, flowcharts, to do list , fish-bone diagram etc.. has been a great help.

No time for regret.. just moving forward.

Maybe this weekend i should find suitable books for guidance. I think Technical Writing for Dummies will suit me well.

p.s Since I'm busy with thesis write-up and works, this blog will be updated depend on my mood and free time.

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