Thursday, September 18, 2008

Robogamez 2008 - The photo as promised

Here are some pictures I manage to snap before the Robogamez starts. During the competition, my NOKIA are out of battery

The Banner Located in front of DSS (Dewan Sri Sarjana)

The unsolved paths aka maze for school Category, Looks simple, please note that all the four maze are identical or mirrored image. The winner of each round is the one whose robot can enter the maze and able to go out from the maze. can you see the entry and the exit door?

This one is more tricky right? .. this is for UNITEN category.. more complex , meaning the maze robor should be more intelligent..

No picture for OPEN Category.. at time this photo was taken, the maze for open category is not up yet... Ohh.. given below is one of the robot.. Personally I like this robot.

Why I like this robot?
  1. The height - It is lowered .. the robot is stable.
  2. There are 2 type of sensors used - 3 infrared sensor (can detect the junction) and 2 mechanical switch, to detect whether the robot accidentally touch the wall.
  3. There are two tires.. I guess the owner of this robot used differential drive technique.
The hardware part I think is more than enough .. It is up to the algorithm part!

Oh BTW, before the tournament one of the participant asking me , why his robot is not working.. (he use distance sensor). This is some of the tip I gave him (me giving tips?? - I didn't even have a mobile robot) :

  1. Whether it is maze robot or line follower robot, the basic concept is simple, the robot designed should be able to recognize its location, "where I am now?" - it is at the straight path? junction? End of the maze? , and then take action based on the location. Whether to go forward, left , right or backward, etc.
  2. Since the robot is equipped with the distance sensor which is based on infrared, the sensor must be calibrated according to the surrounding...
  3. The last tip - Good Luck and don't give up!!
Alright that's all - still feel a little bit regret for missing to watch the open category.. :-(

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