Wednesday, January 16, 2008


There are not much about programming and electronics done last weeks.

For programming related part :
  • Installation of TCL\TK (for Windows) in my HP laptop , I used the free TCL\TK from ActiveState TCL distribution. Just google it you will find one.
  • Install the ASED TCL\TK IDE and test it out (also in my HP laptop). The observation are as follows:
    • Layout
    • Pro:
      • code browser are very helpful to browse through tcl program especially the consisting a lot of procedure. Scrolling down using mouse sometimes is not friendly (especially using the laptop touchpad). Certain procedures can be observed by browse and click at the code browser
      • The automatic braces and code highlighting are very useful to avoid unnecessary syntax errors
      • It comes together with other few utilities
    • Cons (The only one)
      • its seems that come tk command especially the labelframe command cannot be evaluated using the toolbar [with run label]. Is it because the ASED is not up to date? I don't bother to find out.
    • Solution
      • I decide to use the ASED to help me reduce syntax error and nicer look compared to writing program in notepad or word pad
      • To run it I just need to find the .tcl script file and click it! It will automatically interpret the code. Thanks to ActiveStateTCL.
  • Documentation of old tcl program (In form of diagram of course). Draw some mind maps to see how the code is implemented. Especially on procedures and procedures call. ASED has been a great help.
  • Study and testing the canvas binding and canvas item binding
For Electrical & Electronic :
  • Nothing much to do , but I think I will write a general guide on Design and Implementation of Digital logic circuit using TTL IC.
  • I have a PIC boot loader PCB. Still not assembled. Maybe I should just keep it and play around with it later, next 2 or 3 months.
  • Discussion with my friend regarding printer to use for transparency printing. It is not a normal printing but the transparency printout will be used for Printed Circuit Board fabrication.
  • Play chess online
  • Someone ask me to be an arbiter for a small chess tournament. I agree to take it
  • Technical write up -- still not very good. Easily stuck.
Thats all about last week. Hopefully I have time and mood to write something beneficial in this blog.

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