Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NS2 & XandrOS problem with Toshiba Laptop

A friend who attended the NS2 workshop last November (Where I presented some basic on Tcl) , come with a Toshiba Laptop installed with XandrOS 2.0 . He encountered some problem in NS2 installation which is the common problem : the gcc cannot be detected. It seems easy at first. However the major problem comes when we found out that the network adapter cannot be detected hence the gcc cannot be easily installed through Xandros Network. After some discussion we come up with 3 options:

1. Search the xandros forums at regarding the network problem. There must be someone else who face the same problem.
2. Install the newer version of XandrOS hopefully it detects the network adapter
3. Manual installation of gcc which is expected to be time consuming. The gcc distribution is freely available at

I'm wondering maybe installing NS2 in windows should be an option for those using laptop.
I'm using IBM Thinkpad for XandrOS, so far there are no problems with NS2 installation.
Anyway I hope that the discussion helps him. Me myself do not have much time to play around troubleshooting the problem.

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